Atomy Products

  • Insured by FUBON Product Duty Insurance at USD20m
  • Approved by FDA USA & NEA Singapore
  • Multiple World Patents
  • Natural Herbs Refining
  • With HALAL Certification

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100% Money Back Guarantee

With low return rate of Atomy Products, Atomy is giving 30 Days guarantee return from the day of purchase, with 'no-hassle, no questions' guarantee. Join Atomy today, try out the absolute product with absolute price.


Mass Production + Prestige = Customer Success

MASSTIGE = Luxurious or Prestigious Products that Mass-produced with Affordable Price ATOMY's MASSTIGE Strategy is to provide Absolute Quality products at an Absolute Price


Combination of 4 Advanced Technologies

High Purification Tech; Fresh herbs Extration; Fermentation Tech & Multiple Nano Capsule Tech

Membership is required to order the products.

Our amazing products



Personal Care




Membership is required to buy Atomy products. You can sign up as Atomy member by following the steps below:

STEP 1 | Fill up the form & submit

Click the button below to fill up the form & submit. We will review the info and help you on the membership registration.

STEP 2 | Fill in the physical form and submit for verification

We will send you the Atomy registration form and you will need to fill up after print out. Put your IC in the middle of the form, take a photo of it and send back to us. We will submit the form to Atomy for identity verification.

STEP 3 | Done

Atomy will take at least 2-3 days to create the membership. Once done, we will inform you the good news and you can start to order.

How to order?

Once you have your membership, you can order directly from Atomy official website.

STEP 1 |  Go to your country Atomy official site (this is the site you can place order and check your commission and so on): Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Cambodia, Philippine, Malaysia, Mexico.

  • Click on Login
  • Enter your ID and Password

*Atomy is now open for Registration of Consumer Membership in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India and Russia. (contact us, if you want to learn more)

STEP 2 | To place an order, just go to Shopping Mall on the top of the menu.

STEP 3 | Click on the product you like. (eg, if you click on HemoHim, there is 4 set, 3 set, 2 set and 1 set prices. The 4 set means HemoHim 4 boxes and the price is the total of those 4 boxes which is a highly discounted price for each one.)

STEP 4 | Once your shopping is complete and all products are added to the cart, just click Shopping Cart or Buy All Now.

STEP 5 | Fill out order form.

  • Here you can check your products and the quantity ordered and edit as necessary.
  • Please check Customer Information,which is yours and Shipping Information which is the place you choose to send the products.
  • You can choose to send the products to a different address by entering different address in Shipping Information. This is a very convenient way to send Atomy products as gifts.
  • Now complete the form and press Continue.

STEP 6 |  Complete the payment information, press Check out Now.

STEP 7 |  The order will come from one of Atomy Distribution centers in your country.

STEP 8 |  Enjoy! You will love the products!

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